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Vertical palletizing robot

Introduction to vertical palletizing robot

The vertical palletizing robot is a kind of palletizing equipment with a compact structure and small footprint. The vertical palletizing robot has a simple operating principle and is easy to operate. It is suitable for palletizing various small goods. Palletizer is an important production equipment on the modern assembly line. The working process of the palletizer is to place the materials loaded into the containers (such as cartons, woven bags, barrels, etc.) on the pallets in a certain arrangement for automatic stacking, which can be stacked in multiple layers. The column palletizer is an advanced logistics equipment that can automatically palletize goods according to set rules, improving the efficiency and accuracy of logistics operations.

 Workflow of column palletizer

 Column palletizers realize automated operation through robotic arms, sensors, and computer control systems. First, the robotic arm grabs the goods from the conveyor line according to preset rules and then places the goods in the target location according to the specified position and stacking method. Sensors can sense the location and status of goods in real-time to ensure accurate stacking of goods. The computer control system is responsible for guiding and monitoring the entire process to ensure the smooth progress of palletizing.

column-type robot palletizer parameters

The working efficiency of the column-type robot palletizer can reach 500-800 pieces (3-in-1 gripper)/hour. It has 4 degrees of freedom and is flexible in operation. It can load up to 500 kg. Single or double claws can be set and replaced according to on-site needs. Various grab-type, splint-type, and adsorption-type grippers can be used to pack and palletize finished products of various shapes such as boxes, bags, boxes, fillings, and bottles. The following are detailed parameters.
Model TYPR-50 TYPR-80 TYPR-150 TYPR-260 TYPR-500
Payload 50kg 80kg 150kg 260kg 500kg
Reach 2200mm 2400mm 2200mm 2200mm 2200mm
Lifting stroke 2163mm 2000mm 2100mm 2000mm 1400mm
Axes 4 5 4 4 4

Advantages of vertical palletizing robots

The column robot palletizer adopts a full servo drive, ensuring smooth, reliable operation and high precision. The equipment has a simple and reasonable structure and few parts, so it has a low failure rate, reliable performance, and simple operation and maintenance.
The column palletizer is an advanced logistics equipment that can automatically palletize goods according to set rules, improving the efficiency and accuracy of logistics operations. The following are its salient features:
1) High degree of automation: Column palletizers can complete the entire process from cargo grabbing to palletizing without manual intervention, greatly improving work efficiency and accuracy.
2) Strong flexibility: Column palletizers can adjust the grabbing and stacking methods according to different cargo shapes and sizes, and are suitable for different logistics scenarios. Column coordinate rotary palletizers can be quickly adjusted and expanded according to different task requirements, and are suitable for various industries and scenarios.
3) High space utilization: The column-type palletizer adopts a column structure, which can perform efficient palletizing operations in a limited space, improving storage space utilization.
4) Safety and reliability: The column palletizer monitors the position and status of the goods through sensors to ensure the safety and reliability of the operation. Automated systems can reduce potential risks in manual operations and improve workplace safety.
5) Increased efficiency: Automated stacking and sorting processes greatly increase operating speed and accuracy, reducing human errors and downtime.
6) Reduce costs: Reduce labor costs, losses, and errors, allowing companies to reduce production costs.

Application fields of vertical palletizing robots

The manipulator vertical palletizing robot is suitable for packaging and palletizing finished products of various shapes such as cartons, bags, cans, boxes, bottles, etc. in chemical, beverage, food, beer, plastic, air conditioning, and other manufacturing enterprises. Automatic palletizing and automatic depalletizing and feeding of boxed materials, bagged materials, barreled materials, beverages, and mineral water, and column-type palletizers are widely used in various scenarios.

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