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Glue Mixer

Glue Mixer

1. Power: 11 kW
2. Capacity: 3-15 t /h
3. Dimension: 2300*1000*1600 mm
4. Weight: 850 kg

  • cylinder glue mixer
  • ring type glue mixer
  • ring glue mixer

Glue mixer machine introduction

Glue mixing machine is used in wood pallet making machine process and wood pallet block production line. It applies for mixing the dried raw material wood shavings with glue.

There are two types of glue mixer machine, ring glue mixer machine and cylinder glue mixer machine. Ring glue mixer machine is mainly used for the production wood pallet in presswood pallet making machine. On the contrary, cylinder glue mixer machine is usually used for producing pallet block in pallet block production line.

Glue mixing machine working principle

Ring glue mixer machine is mainly composed of the mixing tube, stirring shaft, glue supply system, feed inlet, outlet port, cooling system and other components.

Ring glue mixer machine is used before start presswood pallet making machine during wood pallet production line, and is also used before making pallet block in pallet block making machine. Raw materials are entering into the glue mixer machine continuously, from the feeding inlet after the measurement. Under the action of feeding shovel, raw materials accelerate motion along the circumferential direction, forming a ring body, and gradually run to the sizing area. The glue is pouring into glue mixer machine along the tangential direction, stirred by the stir claw, so that the glue is mixing with the raw materials adequately. As the raw material distributed radially with different line speed and there is a big speed difference, so friction between the raw material, to achieve uniform sizing effect.

Glue mixing process

Cylinder glue mixer machine is used in wood pallet block making line, and is mixing wood sawdust or wood shavings with glue.

Glue mixing is the second step before the heating step to get final pallet block, after the process of drying raw material.

Step 1: Prepare raw material, and then put it into glue mixer machine
Step 2: Put the glue into glue mixer machine
Step 3: Start the power, and mix the raw material with glue
Step 4: Open the spout the final product will be out automatically

Glue mixer machine features

  1. Easy operation. One person can operate it, and also full automatic production process is available.
  2. Small land occupation. Glue mixer machine of small pallet block production line just occupies approximately 1 m2, meanwhile, covers a little land during large wood pallet making machine line.
  3. High efficiency. Glue mixer machine adopts reasonable structure design to stir glue with raw material evenly.
  4. Stable performance, better quality, and low consumption.
  5. Save materials, and low labor and maintenance cost.
  6. Durability and solidness. Glue mixer machine is made of high quality steel, and is not easy to rust and deformation.
  7. Customization is available according to the requirements of the clients.

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