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Plastic recycling extruder machine

Plastic recycling extruder machine

1.The plastic extruder has high output, low energy consumption and low manufacturing cost, and can be used for processing various plastic materials.
2.The plastic extruder has the advantages of high processing efficiency, good product quality.
Plastic extruders machine are common plastic machinery and are widely used in the plastic processing industry. It mainly processes solid plastics into a molten state through high temperature and high pressure, and then forms plastic products in the mold. The plastic extruder machine completes all the above processes through a barrel with a screw and spiral channel.The screw continuously squeezes the plastic in the barrel, and the screw presses and shears the waste plastic when it rotates, transforms the solid plastic into a uniform melt, and sends the melt to the next process. There is a heating tube on the outside of the barrel, which can heat the plastic and accelerate the melting of the plastic.

Introduction of Plastic Pallet Extruder

Plastic extruder is a kind of plastic equipment that melts and extrudes plastic. The plastic is melted by the heating device and extrusion device of the machine. This extruder has the advantages of high efficiency and low cost, and is a necessary equipment for the production line of molded plastic pallets. The plastic extruder is a single-screw plastic extruder with high processing efficiency. The machine is equipped with a feeding system, a transmission system, an extrusion system, a heating system, and an automatic control system. The parts and electrical components of the plastic extruder adopt well-known foreign brands such as NSK, ABB, Schneider, etc., which have the characteristics of stable operation, high efficiency, and convenient maintenance.

Types of plastic extruder

Plastic extruders can be divided into single-screw extruders, twin-screw extruders and multi-screw extruders according to the number of screws. Single screw extruder is currently the most widely used plastic extrusion equipment, which can process waste plastics of various materials. The single screw extruder occupies an important position in the plastics processing industry and has been greatly developed in recent years. Plastic extruders are usually used in plastic molding production lines to process waste plastics into various plastic products by molding them. We are a professional manufacturer of plastic pallet machinery, and we can customize plastic extruders according to the raw materials you want to process. When recycling waste plastics, single-screw extruders are usually used.The single screw plastic extruder produced by our factory is usually used in plastic pallet production line. Large pieces of waste plastic are first crushed by a crusher, extruded into a melt by a single screw in a plastic extruder, and then molded in a plastic pallet press molding machine.

The structure of plastic extruder machine

The plastic extruder processes the waste plastic into a molten state. His structure is not complicated, it is mainly composed of an extrusion system, a transmission system and a heating system, and each part cooperates with each other to complete the processing of waste plastics.

Extrusion system

Plastic extrusion system includes screw, barrel and hopper. It is the most important part of the extruder, directly related to the scope of use and productivity of the extruder. It is made of alloy steel with high strength and corrosion resistance.The barrel of the plastic extruder is matched with the screw to melt the waste plastic.

Transmission system

The transmission system is mainly composed of a motor, a reducer, a feeding screw, and a transmission screw. The torque and speed required in the extrusion process are usually provided by an electric motor. The drive of the plastic extruder controls the rotation speed of the screw, and the rotation speed of the screw determines the output of the plastic extruder. The required power is determined by the size of the plastic particles. A plastic extruder with the same screw diameter consumes different energy for different raw materials.

Heating system

Plastic extruders usually use electric heating, and the heating tube is installed in the body. The heating device heats the plastic in the cylinder to raise the temperature to the required temperature. Under the action of the heating system and the screw, the waste plastic forms a uniform melt and moves forward under the push of the screw.

Working principle of plastic extruder

The plastic in the plastic extruder is melted under the heating of the electric heating tube, and the solid plastic is transformed into a uniform melt under the extrusion and shearing action of the screw. The raw materials enter the inside of the machine through the hopper above the machine. There is a feeding screw in the hopper, which can evenly convey the material into the machine. The feeding speed can be controlled by controlling the speed of the decelerating motor above the machine. The machine body is mainly composed of a barrel and a screw. The barrel is matched with the screw to crush, soften, melt, plasticize, and exhaust the plastic, and continuously convey the melted plastic to the molding system of the plastic pallet molding machine.

Features of plastic extruder machine

1.The plastic extruder has high output, low energy consumption and low manufacturing cost, and can be used for processing various plastic materials. It has applications in various industries, and is usually used in the plastics processing industry.
2.The plastic extruder has the advantages of high processing efficiency, good product quality and safe operation. When the machine is working, there is less heat generated by friction, and the shearing of the material is more uniform. The conveying capacity of the screw of the extruder is larger, the extrusion capacity is relatively stable, the material stays in the barrel for a long time, and the mixing is uniform.

Parameters of plastic extruder machine

Model PM-LJ180
Ratio of length and diameter 33:1
Screw diameter 180mm
Heating length 5940mm
Main motor power 110 kw
Speed adjustment device 75KW inverter

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