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Automatic Compressed Plastic Pallet Production Line

Plastic pallets are very common in life. With the rise of the logistics industry, the market demand for plastic pallets is increasing. The production of plastic pallets has become a good investment. Traditional plastic pallet production lines usually use injection molding to produce plastic pallets. Due to the relatively high requirements for the performance and cleanliness of plastic raw materials, improper operation can easily cause blockage of the injection holes of the machine. The production process of injection molding is complicated, and the technical requirements for workers are relatively high. The raw material cost and processing cost of injection-molded pallets are very high, resulting in a relatively expensive pallet produced and usually does not reach the thickness required for sufficient strength. In response to the above problems, our company has developed a new fully automated production line that uses waste plastics to produce plastic pallets based on years of industry experience. The production line uses compression molding technology to effectively solve the above problems, and the produced pallets are inexpensive and Durable. The plastic pallet compression molding production line can use all kinds of waste plastics to produce pallets. At the same time, it can customize machines of various models and capacities according to your needs. It is an environmentally friendly waste plastic processing equipment that meets the needs of the market.

 Introduction of compressed plastic pallet production line

The plastic pallet production line mainly uses various materials of waste plastic to produce plastic pallets. Plastic pallet production line includes conveying device, plastic extruder machine, plastic pallet molding machine, robotic arm, etc. The conveyor transports the plastic raw materials to the plastic extruder, where they are melted under the action of high temperature and high pressure in the plastic extruder. The melted plastic is formed into a pallet in a plastic pallet molding machine.

 Plastic extruder machine

Plastic extruder is a common machine in the plastic recycling and processing industry. It mainly processes solid plastics into a molten state through high temperature and high pressure, which is convenient for forming the plastic products that you want to process in the mold of the plastic pallet molding machine. Plastic extruder is mainly composed of power unit and processing unit. The power device includes a motor and a reducer, which provide power to drive the screw to rotate. The processing device includes a barrel with a screw and a spiral path, and a heating tube on the barrel. The waste plastic enters the barrel through the hopper on the barrel, and then is conveyed to the other end of the barrel through the screw. The screw continuously squeezes the plastic in the barrel, and the screw presses and shears the waste plastic when it rotates to process the solid waste plastic into a melt. There is a heating tube on the outside of the barrel, which can heat the plastic and accelerate the melting of the plastic.

Compressed Plastic Pallet Machine

Plastic pallet making machine is an important part of plastic pallet production line. By customizing different molds, it can produce a variety of plastic products. Plastic pallet press machine is composed of hydraulic system, electrical system, mold part and structural frame part. The hydraulic system provides enough pressure for the pallet press to produce plastic pallets, and the electrical system controls the operation of the entire machine. The mold is the core part of the machine. The molten plastic is cooled in the mold and finally formed into a plastic pallet. The formed plastic pallet can be taken out with a robotic arm to realize automated production. 

Hydraulic system

 The hydraulic system is the power part of the plastic pallet molding machine. The plastic pallet press adopts the hydraulic system designed by our company, which runs smoothly and can provide sufficient pressure without hydraulic shock and vibration during operation. Our company uses high-quality hydraulic components to increase the service life of the equipment. The plastic pallet press uses high-quality high-pressure oil pipes to avoid leakage of hydraulic oil from the equipment.

 Electrical control system

The electrical part of the plastic pallet manufacturing equipment uses a PLC programmable controller to control the operation of the machine. The operation of the molded plastic pallet equipment is controlled by the buttons on the control cabinet. According to the production requirements of the equipment, the technical parameters can be adjusted on the display screen. The electrical part adopts Siemens electrical components and Schneider electrical components, which can ensure the safety and stability of the machine during automatic operation.

Plastic Pallet Mould

The mold part of the plastic pallet forming machine is made of high-quality wear-resistant monolithic steel, which is milled by a high-precision milling machine. It is usually made of P20 and 45 steel, and P20 mold steel for surfaces that contact plastics. P20 has high hardness, is not easy to rust, and has uniform hardness. P20 is a mold material suitable for making plastic molds and die-casting low-melting-point metals. There are upper and lower mold guiding devices on the mold to ensure accurate mold clamping. The entire mold part is not only highly accurate, but also all parts are wear-resistant. Some parts that are easy to wear can be disassembled, reducing replacement costs.

 Structural frame part

The upper and lower beams and sliding parts of the machine are made of integral steel castings, which will not be deformed or damaged after long-term use. The surface of the column is plated with hard chromium, which is wear-resistant and does not rust. The whole structure adopts three-beam and four-column structure, the structure is stable, and the four columns play a guiding role when the machine is running, which can ensure accurate mold clamping.

The working principle of plastic pallet press machine

The extruded plastic enters the mold above the machine. When the pressure plate of the upper mold enters the cavity of the lower mold, the main cylinder enters the pressure oil, and the main cylinder begins to compress the plastic. After maintaining the compression for a period of time, the main cylinder retreats later, the auxiliary cylinder enters oil, and the piston rod retreats to reset, completing the compression molding cycle of a plastic tray and preparing for the next cycle.

Raw materials for plastic pallet production line

  The raw materials of the plastic pallet production line can be PS, PP, LDPE, PVC, HDPE, PET and other material plastics, or most waste plastics and composite materials. Most of the waste plastics in life can be crushed and cleaned to produce plastic pallets. , The production process is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

Advantages of plastic pallet production line 

1. In the production and processing process, the price of raw materials is lower than 50% of the raw materials for traditional plastic pallet production, and the production cost is also lower than 50%. In addition, the production process of plastic pallets requires less raw materials, and all kinds of waste plastics and composite materials can be recycled and reused, which can greatly reduce the cost of raw materials.
2. It can realize full automation in the production and processing process, and the machine can carry out long-term, stable and efficient automatic control operation. Our redesigned machine makes the pallet manufacturing process more stable. At the same time, it can be equipped with a mechanical arm to complete the function of unloading and palletizing finished products.
3. High safety protection. All covering parts are installed outside the equipment to ensure safety during the production process. At the same time, there are emergency stop buttons and induction devices in each machine and the entire production line, and the machine can stop running in time when encountering obstacles.
4. It has a wide range of applications, and can produce a variety of plastic products according to customer needs, such as pallets, plastic plates, turnover boxes, trash cans, plastic shelves, manhole covers, etc.
5. Energy saving and environmental protection, no waste water is produced during the production process, effectively reducing environmental pollution, saving environmental protection costs, and no waste gas and toxic and harmful gases in production, making it healthier.

Why choose PalletMach

 We are a professional waste plastic recycling solution provider. We have been engaged in the production, sales and research and development of plastic pallet machines in the field of waste plastic recycling for many years. We provide customers with a new type of waste plastic recycling solution that can produce low-cost, environmentally friendly molded plastic pallets. The applicable raw materials for this machine can be waste plastics, composite materials PP, PE, PVC, etc. The produced plastic pallets can be used for the storage and transportation of goods in various industries. At the same time, the use of recycled plastic to produce pallets is conducive to the reuse of waste plastics and is very environmentally friendly. We adopt advanced recycling technology and unique plastic recycling process, so the price of plastic pallet making machine is low and affordable. 
We also provide a variety of plastic recycling machines, which can make full use of resource recycling technologies to protect our environment. The price of this machine has a very large competitive advantage in the plastic recycling industry. We can customize machines according to customer needs, increase the recycling rate of waste plastics, and reduce production costs. Compared with the same industry, our machines are very competitive in terms of price and quality. If you have any needs in this regard, please feel free to contact us.

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