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Automatic pallet legs nailing machine

Automatic pallet legs nailing machine

1. 5 nail posiotion models
2. MAX nail gun
3. one worker operation
4. adjustable size
  • pallet legs nailing machine
  • automatic pallet legs nailing machine
  • pallet legs nailing machine

Automatic wood pallet legs nailing machine has two parts, one is feeding part, and another is nailing part. And it can nail wood pallet leg automatically, and can make 8~10 pcs/min, with high efficiency. Also save the labor cost, this machine just need one worker can operate, manual feeding the blacks, then machine working nailing pallet leg aromatically.

nailed pallet legs
nailed pallet legs

Technical parameter

Wood board length 800-1350 mm
Wood board width 80-150 mm
Wood board thickness 12-20 mm
Wood block length 80-150 mm
Wood block width 80-150 mm
Wood block thickness 80-100(110) mm
Wood board + wood block thickness less than 130 mm
Capacity 600-720 pieces/hour
Nailing gun 3 pieces MAX CN70
Coil nails 3000 nails/coil, max. 57 mm length,
Nailing motor power 2.25 kW
Feeding block motor power 0.75 kW
Total power 3 kW
Voltage 380 V, 50 Hz, 3phase (Can customize)
Air pressure 8 MPa
Electric components Schneider brand
Pneumatic components Airtac brand
PLC touch screen Siemens
Machine dimension 6 m*2.4 m*2.4 m (L*W*H)
Machine weight 1100 kg

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