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How to recycle waste kraft paper correctly? PalletMach help you

Kraft paper is closely related to life, and it always accumulates in large quantities and cannot be processed in time. Everyone wants to recycle this waste of kraft paper properly. Here we have compiled some recycling and utilization guidelines about waste kraft paper, hoping to be helpful to everyone.

PalletMach compressed pallet machine helps process waste kraft paper

PalletMach's automatic compression pallet molding machine is a substantive solution to the problem of recycling waste paper fiber. This machine efficiently processes kraft paper and turns it into compressed pallets.
The process of producing molded pallets involves multiple steps:
First, the kraft paper is shredded into the crushing machine for feeding into the molded pallet production process. Second, glue and shredded paper are added to the mix to enhance the structural integrity and durability of the paper pallet. Finally, it is turned into products such as molded pallets by our molded pallet machines.

 Advantages of paper fiber compressed pallet

 Wide range of sustainable recycling of raw materials: Waste paper is everywhere, and PalletMach's technology provides a sustainable solution for recycling paper fiber, reducing waste, and promoting a circular economy.
 Enhance the strength of pallets: kraft paper/fiber raw materials can significantly improve the strength and durability of pallets, and produce strong and durable compressed pallets and other products.
Wide range of uses: pallets made by automatic compression pallet equipment can be widely used in various fields, especially logistics and transportation, and can be recycled again.
Green and environmental protection: reduce environmental impact, reduce carbon emissions, and promote environmental protection by diverting waste from traditional landfill methods.


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