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The Importance of Wood Chip Compressed Pallets in the Logistics Industry

Wood chips molded pallets play a crucial role in the logistics industry, serving as essential tools for loading, unloading, storage, and transportation. Wood shavings molded wood pallets are produced by compressing wood shavings and plant straw into a single molded product. They feature a smooth surface that accommodates the transportation of various goods.
 These pallets are sourced from a diverse range of materials. Small-diameter wood, bamboo, and recycled waste materials such as furniture, wood-based panels, and discarded wooden pallets are utilized to maximize the utilization of limited wood resources.

 Molded under high temperatures and pressure, wood shavings molded wood pallets are not subject to issues such as epidemic prevention and quarantine. Additionally, they overcome the drawbacks of conventional wooden pallets, such as knots, cracks, and deformation. A standard 40-foot-high container (12.032 m×2.352 m×2.69 m) can accommodate approximately 1650 compressed wooden pallets, whereas only about 450 ordinary wooden pallets can be loaded. Stacking wood shavings molded wooden pallets requires only one-third of the storage space needed for ordinary wooden pallets.

 Development of Wood Chips Molded Wooden Pallets

 The development of wood chips molded wooden pallets stemmed from the comprehensive utilization of wood in countries like Germany and the United States. These nations conducted research and development to create molded wood pallets using small-diameter wood or wood processing residues.
In 1971, the German company Werzalit invented the patented technology (US5078938) for manufacturing particleboard by molding wood shavings. This technique involved adding wood shavings mixed with thermosetting resin to a metal mold and subjecting them to hot pressing. Based on this patented technology, the shaving molded wooden pallet was derived. In 1979, Litco International Corporation of the United States became the world's first manufacturer of shaving molded wooden pallets using this patented technology.

Compressed Wood Pallet Industry in China

While the production lines for foreign shaving molded wood pallets are relatively mature and highly automated, the pallet molding equipment is expensive, resulting in substantial initial costs. Although China's domestic compressed wooden pallet industry started relatively late, it has experienced rapid growth due to the accumulation of foreign production experiences and technology in this field. Today, various brands of compressed wooden pallet processing equipment are widely employed in wooden pallet factories both domestically and internationally.PalletMach factory's commercial wooden pallet presses have gained popularity in the domestic and foreign markets due to their advantages, including favorable pricing, high quality, ease of operation, long service life, and low failure rates. Presently, PalletMach's compressed wood shavings pallet machines have been exported to over 40 countries and regions, including Spain, Romania, Greece, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Brazil, the United States, Mexico, Tunisia, and South Africa.

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