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How to maintain the presswood pallet machine?

Maintaining a presswood pallet machine is crucial to ensure its optimal performance and longevity. Here are some guidelines for maintaining the machine effectively:

  1. Prior to powering on the presswood pallet machine for the first time, ensure the power supply to the control box is correct by checking for phase loss, low or high voltage. Additionally, make sure to ground the machine's control voltage, which is typically 220V and uses a three-phase five-wire power inlet.
  2. Verify that the overtravel protection switch (travel switch) on the equipment is flexible and not stuck.
  3. During transportation, inspect the joints of the electric control box and other electrical components for any looseness. If any looseness is detected, promptly tighten the connections. Once all inspections are completed and the machine is functioning normally, it can be powered on.

Specific methods for maintaining a presswood pallet machine:

  1. Before operating the machine, carefully check for any loose parts. Only proceed with work when you are certain that all components are securely tightened. It is recommended to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the machine's connecting parts on a weekly basis, as advised by PalletMach factory for users of compressed pallet press machines.

  2. For a new presswood pallet press machine, it is necessary to filter the hydraulic oil within the first month of use. Subsequently, filter the hydraulic oil every six months, on average.

  3. After each shift of using the wood pallet press machine, promptly turn off the power to the control box. Ensure that the control box remains clean and free from dust. Modifying the circuit in the control box without authorization is strictly prohibited, and only professionals should perform repairs on the control box.

  4. When performing maintenance on the hydraulic system of the compressed wood pallet press, lower the upper die to align with the lower die, and ensure there is no pressure in the machine system.

  5. Close the main valve of the machine's oil tank, open any oil drain bolt on the oil cylinder to drain the oil, and proceed with oil circuit maintenance. After completing the oil circuit maintenance, repeatedly operate the pallet compressor up and down without pressure to discharge any air from the oil circuit system before resuming work.

  6. The circuit of the presswood pallet machine features an inspection jog position. During maintenance, turn the changeover switch to the left. When starting the power, switch it to the downward jog position. When stopping, switch it to the upward jog position. After completing the overhaul, switch the changeover switch to the working position (to the right). Non-mechanical personnel must not engage in inching or switch operations.

  7. Maintain cleanliness and ensure the absence of scaling on the machine's molds. For a new machine, it is advisable to use a spray gun to apply engine oil to the upper and lower molds every hour for a week. When the wood pallet press is not in use, apply grease to the upper and lower molds to prevent rust. Only professional operators should operate the pallet press. Unauthorized personnel should refrain from starting the machine without permission and should not run the press with an empty machine, as this can cause mold deformation and damage to the wood pallet machine.

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