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Wood Pallet Block Making Machine Widely Used in for Making Wood Pallets

Wood Pallet Block Making Machine which adopts hot pressing and hydraulic press principle to process wood shavings and wood sawdust raw materials into wood pallet foot blocks which is widely used for making wood pallets.

Wood pallet block making machine raw material requirement:

1. Wood material: Wood shavings, wood sawdust, small wood chips or other small wood wastes which size less than 5 cm and moisture is about 10~12%. If the raw material can not meet the above requirement, then it needs crushing and drying.

2. Glue material: Urea-formaldehyde adhesive, the main ingredients in the glue must more than 55%.

Wood pallet block making machine process introduction:

1. Firstly, it should dry the wood shavings with 8%-10% moisture, and then mix with glue, finally the mixed material will be press into block by wood pallet block making machine production line under high pressure and high temperature.

2. The block can be made into with one hole in the center or without hole. Wood block is made with high waterproof performance. And it can be put into water for 48 hours without break.

3. Wood pallet block production line is composed by the crushing machine, drying machine, gluing machine, and wood pallet block making machine.

single pallet block machine double head pallet block machine

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