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Presswood Pallet Making Machine is Green and Eco-friendly

Presswood pallet making machine produced by Shanghai Pallet Machinery is green and eco-friendly. And more and more customers global import presswood pallet making machine from our factory.

In nowadays, people pay more attention to environmental problem than ever before. When people buy presswood pallet making machine, they will also take environmental problem into consideration. Shanghai Pallet Machinery is the professional presswood pallet making machine manufacturer in China with rich experience.

During these years, our technological level has big improvement. Presswood pallet making machine produced by our factory is green and eco-friendly. What’s more, presswood pallet making machine of Shanghai Pallet Machinery works without noise and pollution. Therefore, presswood pallet making machine is the ideal equipment for the production of the compressed wood pallet. Through many years of production practice, it was proved that presswood pallet making machine of Shanghai Pallet Machinery can work with low energy consumption, stable performance, and high production efficiency. Shanghai Pallet Machinery also can design various moulds according to different specifications.

Presswood pallet making machine uses the waste wood, bamboo, wood shavings, sawdust, wheat straw, bagasse, and waste materials from the furniture factory, after crushing, drying and adding glue, the materials was conveyed to the hot press machine. Then the pallet was molded by presswood pallet making machine with a hot compression molding process, which involves a high pressure and high temperature. The whole presswood pallet production process is eco-friendly and no pollution to the environment.

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