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The Swedish customer pallet block production line was delivered

On November 25, 2022, PalletMach Factory completed the customer's order for the pallet block production line on time. According to the customer's requirements, the goods will be counted, loaded and shipped from Qingdao Port to Sweden.
Our customer who purchased our pallet block production line this time, is our long-term customer. The customer is a well-known local pallet company, and has purchased pallet machinery from our company for many times. In the customer's business, many waste pallets are generated due to the breakage of wooden pallets, which are piled up in the warehouse and cannot be effectively disposed of.

After communication with our technical staff, the customer wants to purchase a pallet block production line to process these waste wooden pallets. The production line is an automatic pallet assembling equipment improved on the basis of the original production line. Not only can effectively recycle waste pallet, but also can recycle some waste furniture. It solves the problem that some large pieces of wood cannot be recycled effectively. At the same time, we have improved the mixing process of the production line, so that there is no waste gas and waste wood in the processing process, and the wood is 100% utilized.

The customer wants to produce three kinds of plastic blocks, 150*150, 70*70 and 90*90, which are mainly used in the production of European pallet. The pallet blocks produced by the production line need high quality. Our engineers provide the customer with 3D layout drawings based on the size of the customer's factory, combined with the space taken up by each machine on our production line. After the customer's satisfactory reply, our engineers designed and produced the pallet block production line.
The production line of pallet block machine mainly includes comprehensive crusher, rotary drum dryer, mixing machine, pallet block machine and automatic cutting saw. Comprehensive crusher is mainly used for crushing waste wood pallets. There is a screen on the machine, and the size of the crushed wood particles can be adjusted by adjusting the mesh size. At the same time, the comprehensive crusher is equipped with iron removal equipment and dust removal equipment, which can remove the iron nails on the wooden pallet and prevent the machine from producing a lot of dust during operation. Rotary tumble dryers remove moisture from wood chips. Because the humidity of waste wood pallets is relatively high after long-term use, it needs to be dried. Too much moisture in the sawdust can also affect the quality of the glue, resulting in moldy pallet blocks. Three supporting machine equipped with three different molds, can produce three different specifications of supporting plate. Automatic cutting saw can cut pallet blocks and the length can be adjusted as needed.

During the delivery period, our technicians completed the processing and assembly of the pallet block production line, and conducted several tests on the production line. The quality of the pallets produced is very good and can meet the needs of customers. According to the contract, we will start preparing for delivery. After splitting and counting, a total of 150 pieces of cargo, 20 pieces of equipment and 5 containers were transported. It takes 2 days to deliver the goods. All goods are shipped in containers. In order to facilitate customers to check and organize after receiving the goods, we number each piece of goods and provide a detailed list of goods. Each machine comes with its own certificate, installation instructions, and operating instructions.

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