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Strategic Meeting with Wuhu Xinlong Packaging

On September 20, 2023, a Wednesday, our team of five had the privilege of visiting a client in Wuhu, Anhui Province. We met with the energetic and innovative entrepreneur who serves as the CEO of the client company. The meeting took place at the client's factory at 9:00 AM and lasted for a productive two and a half hours, demonstrating the mutual commitment to future cooperation.

The CEO of the client company is the founder of Wuhu Xinlong Packaging Co., Ltd. This company was established in 2020 and has shown remarkable potential in a short span of time. The client owns three factories, with two still in the preparation phase, while the third factory is already producing European standard pallets. In the pallet town of Wuhu, there are 137 manufacturers producing wooden pallets, but the client firmly believes that his company is the largest and most capable among them.

During the meeting, the client provided us with a detailed overview of his background and the development of his company. His family has been involved in diverse businesses, and he himself possesses a strong business philosophy. The diversification and strength of the client's family businesses were emphasized, and he spoke of his family's influence on him.

Not only did the client display vitality in the traditional family businesses, but he also demonstrated ambition in the pallet industry in Wuhu. He has acquired a large piece of land with plans to introduce presses to increase block production capacity. Furthermore, he intends to automate the production line to enhance pallet manufacturing efficiency. He plans to begin implementation immediately after obtaining approval in October, making it imperative for us to provide technical solutions and pricing. However, the client also made it clear that he requires us to conduct testing and sample research to validate our capabilities since he is also considering collaboration with other suppliers.

During the meeting, the client also shared some insights into his wood processing and pallet production, including his block glue mixing method and the concept of introducing a plastic pallet production line. This meeting deeply showcased the client's dynamism, innovation, and ambition. His business model and management philosophy left a lasting impression, and the strength and ambition he has built in such a short time are impressive. Despite facing intense competition, the client has confidence in our cooperation and expects us to provide robust support and solutions for the project.

This visit has laid a solid foundation for future collaboration, and we look forward to establishing a closer partnership with Wuhu Xinlong Packaging Co., Ltd., jointly tackling future challenges.

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