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PalletMach Has Tested Bagasse Pallet with Molded Pallet Machine Successfully

PalletMach has tested bagasse pallet with molded pallet machine successfully last week. The following is the details.

bagasse pallet PalletMach

Raw materials: bagasse
Weight of bagasse: 18 kg
Weight of finished molded bagasse pallet: 21 kg
Size of finished molded bagasse pallet: 1200*1000 mm
No drying, because bagasse is already air seasoning before

This test project of sugarcane bagasse pallet is the requirement of our Iranian customers. And their company has a sugar factory, so they have abundant bagasse.

PalletMach is the leading pallet machine manufacturer in China. And we have more than 15 years’ production experience. Besides, our molded wood pallet machine has been sold more than 25 countries.

Meantime, our R&D department is experimenting and updating molded wood pallet machine. The new generation molded wood pallet machine has better performance. In addition, our automatic double-mould molded wood pallet machines are also running well in China.

At the same time, we also extend the raw materials of pallets to sawdust, bamboo sawdust, wood shavings, even husk crops as cotton straw, hemp stalk, plastic and so on. We are trying various raw materials to make pallets. Hence, sugarcane bagasse are also the ideal raw material for pallet.

Many research efforts have explored using bagasse as a biofuel in renewable power generation and in the production of bio-based materials. But, PalletMach had created a new way of usage sugarcane bagasse. And we gain the additional value of bagasse, to produce bagasse pallets.

Bagasse pallets are the sustainable alternative to existing wood and plastic pallets. And it is also molded pallet, which is 100% bio-based. At the same time, they replace timber pallets and also protect the global forest resources. Therefore, they promote the sustainable development of the world. Bagasse pallets not only dispose the bagasse, but also help you to gain more values.

bagasse pallet

Features of bagasse pallet

  • 1. Environment friendly
    We produced bagasse pallet only contains natural bagasse and synthetics resins. The final bagasse pallets are molded pallet without nails, and they are reused and recycled. Besides, they do not poison the environment when they are broken. Additionally, the broken pallets are also the raw materials for the new pallets. Hence, it also meets the circular economy.
  • 2. Low cost
    The bagasse is the dry pulpy fibrous residue that remains after sugarcane or sorghum stalks are crushed to extract their juice. So the price of the raw material is very cheap, which also reduce the investment. Some sugar plants also have the problem that how to deal with bagasse. What’s more, bagasse pallets are also the good products in logistics and warehouse industry.
  • 3. Space saving
    The molded bagasse pallets save space up to 70%. For example, the height of 50 pieces of molded nestable pallets is about 2.73 meters. However, the height of 50 pieces of traditional wooden pallets is 7 meters.
  • 4. Ready for export
    Molded wood pallet machine builds the bagasse pallets with high pressure and high temperature. So they are one-time forming pallets. The final bagasse pallets meet ISPM15, and is ready for export. Hence, it will save a lot of time required for the customs clearance process. Free fumigation and popular in the import and export transportation. And bagasse pallets also can reduce the clearance costs.
  • 5. Customized design and size
    The size of our tested bagasse pallet is 1200*1000 mm. But, we also can design special molds for custom designs or sizes. Rounded one-piece design to prevent goods damage in the packaging and transportation process. And perfect reinforcing rib to enhance loading ability.pallet
  • 6. Good final bagasse pallets
    Constant intensity and rigidity. Bagasse pallet is non-hygroscopic and no deformation in the course. And stable dimension and no distortion and warping. High precision size and light weight. It is specifically designed reinforcing rib that ensures the intensity and production accuracy. In addition, bagasse pallet is with smooth surface and no burr.

If you are interested in molded pallet machine, please contact us. Also, if you have the problem of bagasse, please email us [email protected].

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