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PalletMach company technical team went to Malaysia to provide installation services

On April 20, 2022, the PalletMach technical team overcame various difficulties and went to Malaysia to help many customers solve installation and after-sales problems.
Since the epidemic broke out in major Chinese cities such as Jilin and Shanghai since March, and spread to many provinces and cities, the epidemic prevention situation is very serious. As China adopts the strategy of dynamic clearing and adopts the measures of lockdown and control to fight the spread of the virus, many places are lockdown, and the traffic is very poor. Going abroad requires various procedures and layers of inspection. And the flight tickets abroad are very difficult to order. After returning to China, engineers have to go through a long period of quarantine, which is a very big challenge for engineers. Compared to before, it will cost a lot of money and time.

Most of the foreign export companies have suspended the service of sending engineers for installation and technical guidance. Only manuals and online guidance services are provided. Due to the very complicated installation of mechanical equipment, this online guidance method cannot meet the needs of customers at all. Most customers do not understand the structure and principle of machinery very well. Installation usually requires the accumulation of professional technical knowledge, and a very high degree of cooperation between parts is required, which requires engineers with a lot of experience to complete.

PalletMach Machinery has consistently adhered to the principle of customer first for more than ten years. The needs of customers are the driving force for us to keep striving for progress. It is our aim to do our best to provide customers with quality service. Continuous innovation provides first-class solutions to customers around the world. Because of this, we have accumulated a large number of long-term cooperation customers.
In order to allow customers to use our machines to create benefits as soon as possible, we eliminate difficulties and send experienced engineers abroad to provide installation services for customers. Going abroad in a special period is not an easy task. When we were about to send our engineers abroad, an epidemic broke out in Jiaozuo, where our production base is located. Everyone in China will have an itinerary code, which will show the epidemic situation in your location. If you are in the outbreak area, it is easy to be quarantined if you want to go to other cities. Our company's headquarters and airport are both in Zhengzhou. For this reason, we have communicated with the local government many times. Because our company's machinery and equipment are very popular all over the world and make great contributions to the local export, we have been able to get to the airport smoothly with the support of the government.

Our company has many customers in Malaysia who need installation services, and the time is tight, so the engineer immediately put into work as soon as he arrived in the local area, and completed the work day and night. The installation includes nailing machine, molded pallet pallet production machine, and pallet block production line. These equipments of our company are very popular at home and abroad. In the field of pallets, in line with the principles of energy conservation and environmental protection, and recycling of waste resources, we have independently innovated and developed a variety of automated equipment that uses waste wood chips, plant fibers, crop straws, and waste plastics to produce pallets. It has also been very successful and has achieved very large economic benefits. Contribute to the conservation of resources.
The needs of customers are always our first consideration. If you are interested in our equipment, please contact us and we will provide you with a detailed introduction. If you have any technical questions, please feel free to contact us.


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