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PalletMach wood molding process helps forestry pest control

Forest diseases and insect pests have become the main influencing factors threatening forest ecosystems. Forest farms in China and around the world are plagued by forest germs and pests. Because the forestry ecosystem is relatively simple, and the same species of trees are planted in large areas, once the pests occur, the entire forest farm will suffer.
There are various reasons for forestry diseases and insect pests, including human factors, natural factors, etc. It is relatively difficult to carry out prevention and control work, and it is difficult to effectively predict the damage scale of diseases and insect pests. Judging from the current situation of forestry pest control, it still shows that the control methods are relatively backward. Nowadays, most of the diseased wood is directly used for pallets and furniture, which further aggravates the spread of pests and diseases. Reasonable treatment of wood with these pests and diseases is an effective way to stop the spread of pests and diseases.

Most of the forest farms directly use the method of burning when dealing with wood affected by forestry diseases and insect pests. Although this method can effectively kill germs and pests, most of the open burning causes huge pollution to the environment and also causes a lot of waste of resources. Forest trees have a long growth cycle and are planted in large areas, and the initial investment is relatively large. Once pests and diseases occur, large areas will always suffer, and farmers often suffer huge losses.
In order to solve the damage to forest trees caused by the spread of pests and diseases, our company has developed a molding pallet process that can effectively kill all kinds of pests and diseases in wood based on years of experience and technology, and the pallet produced are free of fumigation. This pallet does not have any risk of spreading germs. It is more extensive in the raw materials for the production of pallets, and all kinds of waste wood and sawdust can be used to produce pallets.
PalletMach Machinery has been focusing on the processing of wooden pallets for more than ten years. In order to solve the damage to forest trees caused by the spread of diseases and insect pests, prevent this kind of waste wood with diseases and insect pests from entering the market and aggravate the spread of germs, and at the same time to help farmers reduce losses and rationally use and deal with these diseases and insect pests wood, our company has developed based on years of experience and technology. A moulded pallet process that can effectively kill various pests and diseases in wood. The pallet produced by this process are free from any pests and diseases, and the pallet are used without any risk of spreading germs. Traditionally produced wooden pallets need to be fumigated. However, the cost of wooden pallets is greatly increased due to the fumigation process. In order to save money, some businesses do not fumigate wooden pallets, which has become the main way for the spread of germs. And the pallet produced by our molding process have been processed with high temperature and high pressure to kill various germs and pests.

PalletMach's molding process can use various waste wood to produce pallets. The recovered wood needs to be scrapped first, and large pieces of wood need to be chipped before being smashed. The crushed wood needs to be mixed with glue. Before molding, the mold will be preheated with heat-conducting oil, and then the glued wood will be spread into the mold of the molding pallet machine. Under the action of high temperature and high pressure, various germs and pests will be killed. Compared with traditional wooden pallets, this kind of pallet has lower production cost and is more durable.

We can customize various models of molded pallet machinery according to your needs. If you are still plagued by various pests and diseases, please contact us, we have a professional technical team to guide you.

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