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Costa Rica pallet block production line delivered smoothly

On December 21, 2022, after busy production, PalletMach factory completed the production of pallet block production line for Costa Rican customers on time. Check the goods according to the customer's requirements and send them out from the factory.
The customers who bought our pallet block production line this time are very satisfied with the quality of our machines, and have sent people to our factory for inspection many times. The customer is a local pallet factory in Costa Rica. The pallet block produced are mainly for sale, and are also used for the production of European wood pallets. The customer bought several pallet block machines from other companies before, but the quality of the pallet block produced by the machine is not high, and it is easy to break and drop slag. At the same time, the machine is prone to failure.

 Customers want to be able to produce high-quality pallet block all the time. Through our website, customers know that our pallet block production process uses MDI glue, which greatly improves the load and hardness of the pallet block, has a longer service life, and is waterproof and moisture-proof. At the same time, the production process using MDI glue greatly shortens the production time of the pallet block and improves the production efficiency of the pallet block. After communicating with our technician, the customer wants to introduce a pallet block production line to produce this high-quality pallet feet.

 Our automatic pallet block production line of this new process of MDI glue solves the problem that some waste wood cannot be effectively recycled. At the same time, our production process produces no waste gas and waste, and realizes 100% utilization of wood. The customer wants to produce pallet blocks of various specifications, so he purchases multiple sets of molds. Our engineers provide customers with 3D layout drawings according to the size of the customer's factory and the space occupied by each machine. After getting the customer's satisfactory answer, our factory began to design and produce the pallet block production line.
 The pallet block machine production line mainly includes comprehensive crushing machine, drum drying machine, glue mixing machine, pallet block machines, and automatic cutting saws.

During the delivery period, our technicians complete the processing and assembly of the pallet block production line, and conduct multiple tests on the production line. The produced pallet block is of good quality and can meet the needs of customers.
 It is the responsibility of PalletMach to do a good job in every product and serve every customer well. We will continue to strive for innovation and research and development to produce high-quality pallet equipment.

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