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Why does the molded wood pallet be produced?

Molded wood pallets are produced by molded wood pallet machine and are plant fiber molded flat industrial pallet, as the full name. Molded wood pallet is made of raw materials such as wood shavings, plant straws, and so on. Molded wood pallet is one time press molding with the overall structure of the board and 9 support feet. The upper surface of molded wood pallet plate is flat and smooth, to meet the transport of various goods, the lower surface with the stiffener. It is that the longitudinal and horizontal balance of the board, nine feet can meet the four-way distribution by the fork, and molded wood pallet is ideal for logistics transport.

molded wood pallet machine

Why does the molded wood pallet be produced?

Pallet is the carrier of stacking goods, which is the tool for mechanized loading and unloading. Pallets sum up the scattered small cargo and the container into a certain quantity, and form the transport system that the transport unit with the forklift to the container unit. Therefore, pallets have become the indispensable and important instrument for the modern logistics system, which is widely used in the world.

Most of the pallets are made of solid wood as raw materials to meet the demand of the pallet market. However, forest resources are declining, and it is increasingly being taken seriously that the full use of small diameter timber, wood processing residues and wood fiber materials. Germany and the United States have studied and developed molded wood pallet to improve the utilization rate of the wood and wood fiber materials.

Molded industrial wood pallets are the important types of shavings molded products, mainly for transporting and storage of goods in the terminal, freight yard, warehouse, workshop, shopping malls and other places. In addition, molded wood pallets form a mobile or transportable unit with the cargo, and cooperate with forklifts, trucks, cranes.

Molded wood pallets are new environmentally friendly pallets, and no pollution to the environment. What's more, raw materials of molded wood pallets are recyclable resources, such as straw and branches.

Molded wood pallet machine is the ideal equipment of producing molded wood pallet, and Shanghai Pallet Machinery is one of the professional molded wood pallet machine suppliers in China.

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