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How to repair and maintain wooden pallet machine?

Wooden pallet machine is designed to produce wooden pallet, which is widely used in the logistics industry. And wooden pallet machine is the featured product of Shanghai Pallet Machinery, professional wooden pallet machine manufacturer from China.

wooden pallet machine

It is necessary of proper wooden pallet machine operation, serious maintenance and strict compliance with safety rules that to longer the service life of wooden pallet machine and to ensure safe production. Therefore, the operator should be familiar with the structure, performance and operating procedures of wooden pallet machine, besides it must also pay attention to the following points:

  1. The oil of wooden pallet machine must be approved after strict filtration into the tank. And the oil level should not lower than the oil standard indicating line. The oil temperature should be within the range of 15℃ ~ 60℃.
  2. The oil tank should be cleaned every six months and replaced with new oil. And the oil can reuse after filtration, if the oil liquid does not degenerate.
  3. It should lubricate slider guide sleeve and the column with oil regularly.
  4. It should inspect the pressure gauge every six months.
  5. It should clean the surface of wooden pallet machine and anoint anti-rust oil on the condition of inactive machine for a long time.

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