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Installation and Commissioning of Pressed Wood Pallet Machine in Brazil

The installation and commissioning of pressed wood pallet making machine is successful on 6th July, 2017 in Brazil.

In March 2016, Claudio came to our pressed wood pallet making machine factory, the representative of the Brazilian Portland Cement Association in Brazil.

There are a lot of waste cement bags for free in their city. So they want to make pallet by bags, which are for hold and conveyor cement. Claudio brought two barrels with 30 kg of material from Brazil. And then we tested kraft paper cement bags to produce pallet in our pallet making machine.

As the water content of raw materials is too high, the dry process is dehydration. The dry process is drying, sun-cure, redrying, and then water content of raw materials is 8%. The next is testing, after a day and a half test, the final pallet is very success.

The test results, 100% kraft paper is ok, and kraft paper adds 20% wood-wool is perfect. It means kraft paper is ideal raw material for pallets.

At last, Claudio ordered one pressed wood pallet making machine. We customized the mold for him according to his request. Finally, the installation of pressed wood pallet making machine is smooth on 6th July, 2017. Meanwhile, the commissioning is also very successful.

Pressed Wood Pallet Machine Commissioning in Brazil

The installation and commissioning is a key part of putting the pressed wood pallet making machine into service. If installation and commissioning is carried out carefully, it is an investment in the machine´s serviceability and reliability for its entire service life.

Here is the installation site

Pressed Wood Pallet Machine Installation in Brazil


Installation of pressed wood pallet making machine is very important, so our technical engineers will be in the worksite. And our engineers will guide the whole installation.

Main tasks carried out:

  • Visual inspection of the frame
  • Inspection of the PLC system
  • Proper machine axial alignment checking and correction
  • Checking the main and auxiliary electric circuit connection
  • Checking the cooling circuit connection
  • Checking the lubricating circuit connection


Mechanical and electrical installations are inspected first to check whether the required parameters are kept. Subsequently, all auxiliary and supervisory circuits required for machine starting and operation are checked.

Main tasks carried out:

  • Visual inspection of the main machine
  • Check of the hydraulic and lubricating systems
  • Electrical measurement and check of all the machine´s wiring
  • Testing and calibrating setup parameters
  • Protection testing
  • Checking the idle running and load running

Checking the operating parameters – load sharing, checking operating temperatures and vibrations

As soon as the parameters are set and the correct operation tested and confirmed the commissioning work is considered completed. And then the machine is handed over to the customer.

Installation and commissioning service ensures that smooth installation, correct commissioning and reliable run of wooden pallet making machine according to the technical requirements. This also belongs to a technical after-sales service work.

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