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Wood Pallet Block Machines Shipped to Romania for Expansion

Wood pallet block machines was shipped to Romania from China. The following are the details.
Romanian clients ordered 3 sets of wood pallet block machines in July, 2020. And all the wood pallet block machines were shipped to Romania in the end of September, 2020.
pallet block machine
Our sales manager and technological person went to Romania to give the on-site guidance of machine installation in February and March, 2019. Pressed pallet block machines installation process was very smooth. Hence, Romanian customer is very satisfied with the whole automatic pallet block production line. At the same time, pressed pallet block production line is running very well.
Romanian automatic pallet block production line can provide high-quality pressed pallet blocks for Romania and European regions. And we and our customers visited our manufacturing plants and customer production sites of wood pallet blocks machine in 2017. What’s more, they greatly appreciated our continuous improvement of the latest technology to produce higher quality and high-tech equipment. Besides, we also take customer feedback seriously. And then we optimize hot press blocks machine according to these feedback.
The customers from Romania purchased 3 sets of compressed wood pallet block machines, including 2 sets of double-head wood pallet block machine with 100*145 mm, and 1 set of double-head wood pallet block machine with 145*145 mm. In 2019, PalletMach automatic pallet block production line is running well in Romania, and all the machines are 2 sets of three-head pallet block press machine and 3 sets of double-head pallet block machine, and corollary equipment such as high-efficient pallet crushing machine, wood drying machine, glue mixer and automatic pallet block cutting machine. This time, our Romanian clients purchased new wood pallet block machines for expansion. We hope they become the best supplier of high-quality pressed pallet block for European customers.
 wood pallet block machines

Advantages of Automatic Pallet Block Production Line

1. Free fumigation.
Because the pallet block is made by hot pressing, it is free fumigation.
2. Environmental friendly.
Pallet block machine and pallet block making production line could recycle the wood waste efficiently. It helps to reduce the wood population.
3. Lower production cost.
The raw materials are waste wood and leftover materials of wood, and they are very cheap. So you can lower production costs.
4. High degree of automation.
The whole process of wood pallet block machines and pallet block making production line can achieve automation production.
If you have any questions about wood pallet block machines, please contact us via email [email protected].

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