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Spanish Customers Came To Test Plastic Pallet Machine

Spanish customers came to test plastic pallet machine in November 5th, 2019. And they have a good visit.
The company of our customer from Spain is committed to the work of environmental protection. They produce plastic packaging materials. And they also have branches in Spain, France and Poland. Our Spanish customers have a lot of raw materials, waste plastics. Besides, they want to produce molded plastic pallets using waste plastics as the raw materials. And they recycle plastic wastes into pallets for their own use. Meanwhile, these pressed plastic pallets are used on their shelves.
Our Spanish clients also send some pictures of their shelves, and they tend to use customized plastic pallets. During the period, our customers from Spain sent the plastic raw materials to us twice. And we had tested them and sent the pallet samples to our customers. We produced pressed plastic pallets using the plastic raw materials that our Spanish clients. The finished plastic pallet samples are very good. At the same time, our customers were satisfied with the plastic pallet samples. And all the pressed plastic pallets could meet the customer's needs in terms of load bearing.
This visit, on the one hand, our Spanish clients saw the raw material testing, and on the other hand, we discussed the production line technology plan and made the final decision.
When they came to our plant, we had visited our pressed plastic pallet processing plant.
We tested two different plastic raw materials, and they were very successful. And the customers ware very satisfied.
 plastic pallets
Advantages of plastic pallet machine:
High precision.
High durability.
High automation.
Better molds design.
Changing the waste to treasure.
plastic pallet machine

Finished pallets:
Final pressed plastic pallet features
1. Plastic pallet structure is stable, not easy to deformation.
2. Raw materials of plastic pallet are polypropylene (PP) or high-density polyethylene, so it has excellent impact and bending performance.
3. Plastic pallet moisture, no mold, no worms, no decay, corrosion resistance.
4. Plastic pallet is easy to clean, hygienic and durable, and meets the requirements of health testing.
5. Plastic pallet is with long service life and is up to 8 -- 10 years.
6. Plastic pallets salvage value is high, after the scrapped 1/3 salvage value, so the cost of bulk purchase is low.
7. Plastic pallet is with high security, no nail, no burr, no sharp corners, to protect labor safety.
8. Plastic pallet is beautiful and clean, which is the best choice to enhance the company's warehousing image.
9. Free fumigation and popular in the import and export transportation.
plastic pallet
Plastic pallet machine is the featured product of PalletMach. Besides, PalletMach is devoting to provide logistics pallets overall solution, and also is committed to the pallets of fully automated production monitoring, which improve production efficiency and save production costs.
More information about plastic pallet machine, please contact us [email protected].

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