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PalletMach Innovative Plastic Pallet Production Line for Iranian Customer

As of December 4, 2023, PalletMach, leveraging its highly skilled after-sales installation team, has successfully executed a pivotal project by assisting a prominent Iranian client in the seamless installation and commissioning of a state-of-the-art plastic molding pallet production line. Beyond the initial triumph, comprehensive testing showcased the production line's remarkable capability in efficiently crafting robust and durable plastic pallets, eliciting a profound sense of satisfaction from the client regarding both the superior machinery and the exemplary services provided by PalletMach.

The Iranian client, a distinguished confectionery conglomerate with a global reputation for delivering high-quality cocoa, chocolate, and candy products, embarked on an ambitious venture to establish an in-house pallet production line. In their quest for a reliable supplier, the client conducted an extensive market analysis, ultimately selecting PalletMach as their preferred partner to develop a fully automated plastic pallet production line.
The collaborative journey unfolded on June 2, 2022, by officially signing the contract between the Iranian client and PalletMach. The client's requisites were comprehensive – a turnkey solution for a plastic pallet production line covering the pre-processing of waste plastic, encompassing raw material cleaning and dehydration, extrusion, and final molding. The primary raw materials for recycling included discarded plastic barrels, bottles, and films, with a daily production output of 400 pieces intended for applications in warehousing and the efficient transport of supermarket goods.

To meticulously address the client's specifications, PalletMach's adept technical team undertook detailed planning, ensuring the optimal design of the production line and the corresponding manufacturing facility. The waste plastic barrels underwent a precise crushing process utilizing a cutting-edge waste crusher, while a sophisticated cleaning machine and dehydrator guaranteed the thorough drying of raw materials. Following this, an advanced extruder machine transformed the raw material into a molten state, and the precision of the plastic pallet press molded the molten plastic into the desired pallet shape. The pinnacle of efficiency was achieved by incorporating robotic arms, facilitating the seamless retrieval and stacking of the pallets, culminating in a fully automated production line.
This plastic pallet production line excels in high production efficiency and stands out for its substantial contribution to waste plastic recycling. PalletMach's commitment to environmental sustainability is underscored by the energy-efficient and highly automated nature of the entire production process, leading to a significant reduction in labor costs. In comparison to traditional plastic pallet injection molding and blow molding equipment, the equipment cost of this cutting-edge production line is notably lower, presenting the client with an economically sound and environmentally responsible solution.
If you find that your company has similar requirements, please feel free to contact us. Our unwavering dedication to providing professional plastic pallet production solutions remains steadfast and ready to contribute to the growth, efficiency, and success of your business.

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