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Delivery of Advanced Pallet Block Production Line to Valued Israeli Partner

In a seamless orchestration of precision and dedication, PalletMach Factory proudly announced the timely completion and delivery of a customized pallet block production line to its esteemed Israeli customer on November 27, 2023. This milestone marked a transaction and a continued partnership with a loyal, well-established local pallet company that has entrusted PalletMach with numerous machinery acquisitions over the years.

The genesis of this collaboration lies in the challenges faced by our customer—a plethora of discarded pallets accumulating in their warehouse due to the unavoidable breakage of wooden pallets in their daily operations. Recognizing the need for an efficient solution, our technical team engaged in thorough communication with the customer, leading to the decision to procure a pallet block production line.

This advanced pallet block production line can be specially used to solve the recycling problem of discarded pallets and discarded furniture. It effectively solves the problem of reuse larger wooden pieces. Used waste wooden pallets can be shredded into wood chips, which can be used as raw materials for the production of pallet block after being mixed with glue.

The pallet block production line featured an array of specialized components, including the comprehensive crusher, rotary drum drying machine, glue mixing machine, pallet block machine, and automatic cutting saws. The comprehensive crusher was pivotal in pulverizing waste wood pallets, and expertly extracting iron nails during operation. The rotary drum dryer then took center stage, extracting moisture from wood chips, a critical step given the high humidity of long-used waste wood pallets. Excessive moisture in sawdust, as addressed by the drying process, could otherwise compromise the quality of the glue, leading to the development of mold in the resulting pallet blocks.

As the delivery period approached, our dedicated technicians meticulously processed and assembled the pallet block production line, subjecting it to rigorous testing. The resulting pallets met and exceeded our customer's exacting standards, ensuring the successful fulfillment of the contractual agreement.

Preparations for the delivery, a two-day process, commenced, with all goods securely packed in containers for transit from Qingdao Port to Israel. each item was meticulously numbered and detailed in a comprehensive list. Furthermore, every machine was accompanied by its certificate, installation instructions, and operating guidelines, underscoring our commitment to providing a holistic and user-friendly experience.

Recognizing the importance of seamless integration into our customer's operations, our company dispatched a team of skilled engineers to assist in the installation of the project on-site. The customer's satisfaction with our service echoed the success of the entire endeavor, culminating in another chapter of success in our enduring partnership.

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