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Introduction to the prospect of waste plastic recycling

Waste plastics are very common in our lives. They are used in all aspects of our daily life. However, in recent years, due to its random disposal, degradation difficulties, incineration pollution and other problems, waste plastics The rational use of it has become a research topic in many countries. With the continuous research and investment in waste plastics, the waste plastics industry has become more and more popular. The waste plastics industry has broad prospects. In the process of recycling waste plastics, our white garbage pollution has been effectively controlled.

1. There are three main treatment methods for waste plastics: incineration, landfill, and recycling. In addition to recycling, the first two methods have great damage to our environment.Waste plastic recycling can better protect our environment and reduce the pollution of waste plastics to the environment. Waste plastics are difficult to degrade, microorganisms cannot decompose, and can exist in the natural environment for hundreds of years. Waste plastics pollute our soil resources and water resources, and seriously damage our ecological environment. It poses a huge threat to the survival of both land and sea creatures.

2. Waste plastic recycling reduces the dependence on non-renewable fossil energy and increases the utilization rate of non-renewable resources.Most of plastics are high-molecular polymers formed by polymerization of by-products extracted from fossil raw materials such as petroleum. Oil is a non-renewable energy source. In nature, it is used less. Sooner or later, we can't increase the storage of oil. We can only increase the recycling rate of waste plastics to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels. At the same time, oil is too concentrated in certain regions and countries, and it is easily affected by the international situation and geopolitics, which leads to price increases.
3. Recycling plastics greatly reduces the production cost of plastic products, which has huge economic benefits.The cost of products produced from recycled plastic is much lower than that of products produced by directly buying plastic raw materials. In particular, our molding process can save more than half of the cost compared to traditional production methods, with a short investment return period and a high rate of return.
4. The waste plastics market is very large, and the upstream and downstream industrial chains are clear and complete. However, most of the waste plastics have not been effectively recycled. The industry is in a period of rapid development and has broad prospects. It is easy to help practitioners become bigger and stronger. However, most of the waste plastics have not been effectively recycled at present. The industry is in a period of rapid development and has broad prospects. It is easy to help practitioners become bigger and stronger.
5. All countries in the world support the waste plastics industry, which is a very good investment project.

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