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Experts from China Cotton Research Institute visited PalletMach

On August 8, Ma Xiongfeng, Wang Wenkui, Shi Yongqiang, Zhang Jie, and Ma Long from Cotton Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences came to the Wenxian factory in Jiaozuo, Henan, to visit and inspect the agricultural plastic film recycling equipment.

Agricultural plastic film pollutes the environment

The "white pollution" caused by the use of agricultural plastic film has seriously affected the actual situation of crop growth and rural sanitary environment. According to statistics from the National Bureau of Statistics, the average cotton planting area in Xinjiang in the past three years is 12968 km², and the amount of plastic film used is about 255,000 tons, but after the cotton was harvested, residual mulch became a big problem.


PalletMach Machinery assists in the recycling of agricultural plastic film

The Cotton Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences actively promotes plastic film recycling. Now, it has successfully developed a set of solutions with Henan PalletMach Machinery, using waste plastic recycling technology to turn waste into treasure and protect the ecological environment. In April this year, the leaders of China Cotton Research Institute visited Henan PalletMach to exchange ideas on cotton straw regeneration solutions. During the many visits and inspections by the leaders of China Cotton Research Institute, it was found that the waste plastic compression molding equipment independently developed by PalletMach has a very good prospect for the recovery of mulch film residues in Xinjiang farmland. In July, PalletMach sent people to follow the leaders of China Cotton Research Institute to visit various counties and cities in Xinjiang for on-the-spot inspections, and found that the existing treatment methods of Xinjiang plastic film include recycling and granulation, or sending them to artificial stacking points for storage. However, for Xinjiang, which is short of water resources, the first step in the granulation process is to clean and dispose of waste plastic film, and the water cost is expensive. However, our waste plastic recycling technology does not require granulation, and the requirements for the purity of waste plastics are very low.


PalletMach Machinery focuses on waste plastic recycling

I believe that this small step of Henan PalletMach will be a big step in the history of plastic film recycling. Henan PalletMach Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. has been committed to waste plastic recycling equipment for decades. It is a high-tech machinery manufacturing enterprise. We have a strong R&D team. All the machines and software are developed and produced by ourselves, and we have a number of national patents. We currently have customers in hundreds of countries using our equipment. We have four main product lines, plastic pallet production line equipment, molded pallet production line equipment, wood pallet block production line equipment and wooden pallet production line equipment. The company adheres to the cooperation concept of "integrity and win-win" and "common development", and warmly welcomes domestic and foreign entrepreneurs and friends for project consultation and on-site inspection.


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