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What are the precautions of pallet block machine?

1. Raw materials of pallet block machine are wood shavings, sawdust, straw, excelsior, small shavings, the furniture factory shavings, and so on. But it can not be large pieces or hard materials.

2. Moisture content of raw materials: water content of the raw materials is not more than 10%. If water content of raw materials is more than 10%, water vapor is difficult to discharge when the hot press machine working, to cause the final pallet block cleft.

3. The purity requirements of the glue: solid content of urea formaldehyde is not less than 55%. If the solid content of glue is low purity, it will cause the final pallet block cracking, and low density pallet block.

4. The requirements for the production of solid pallet block: the raw material moisture requirements of solid pallet block are slightly higher than pallet block with a hole, and water content is less than 8%. Because solid pallet block can not discharge water vapor effectively in the production process of hot pressing. What's more, moisture above 8% can cause surface cracks of pallet block.

5. The above is the pre-production preparation. Moreover, it should stir raw materials and glue evenly, to avoid the glue caking or no glue, even there will be incompact final pallet block.

6. Pallet block machine pressure should be within 3-5Mpa, to prevent mold pressure explosion or deformation caused by excessive pressure.

7. If pallet block machine stop production for more than 5 days (or air humidity, bad weather), it should clean up the raw materials and finished pallet block in the mold, and grease with oil in the mold inwall to protect the mold from corrosion. (The glue will corrode the mold.)

8. Pallet block machine stop for some time, if there is no time to clean up the raw materials and final pallet block within the empty mold, and then start the machine again, there will be black surface of pallet block. Even it will corrode the mold coatings, resulting in rust.

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