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Indian Clients Ordered Two Sets of Pressed Wood Pallet Machines

Indian clients ordered two sets of pressed wood pallet machines. And they visited PalletMach automatic pressed wood pallet machines factory on 9th January, 2019. They also had an inspection of all goods.

The company of Indian clients involve the industry of electric generator manufacturing, cartons, wooden boxes and wooden pallets. But they also want to invest in pressed wood pallets production. Besides, they also planned to buy compressed pallet block machines. They began to engage in wood packaging industry since 1972, and their products are main for export. At the same time, Albert is the leader of wood packaging industry.

We began the first contact with Albert in December, 2017. And Albert had the first visit of our presswood pallet machine plant from 1st, April, 2018 to 5th, April, 2018. When he came to our plant, we had visited our wood crusher, wood dryer and presswood pallet processing plant. Gujarat, the northern region in India, is the concentration area of pressed wood pallets. But, there are little of pressed wood pallets in the southern region of India. Indian customers are very optimistic about the prospects of logistics and freight. And they ordered two sets of pressed wood pallet machines. Meantime, they want to produce the types of pressed wood pallets, 1200*1000 mm and 1200*800 mm.

India pressed wood pallet machine

They come to our factory for mainly inspection test all machines, such as wood dryer, wood crusher and pressed wood pallet machines. And they also had a visit of our pressed wood pallet production factory in Wuzhi, Henan Province. Meanwhile, they also tested the two sets of pressed wood pallet machines. Because the raw material piled up 3 days, moisture content is too high, in addition, due to the high setting temperature during the test, the final pressed wood pallets had bulging. And we also dried some new raw materials for the test again. But, the finished presswood pallets ware very good, no burrs, and the pallet legs were very smooth. So our Indian customers are very satisfied with pressed wood pallet machines.

The customers from India purchased two sets of pressed wood pallet machines, one set of wood crusher, one set of rotary drum wood dryer, and one set of automatic glue mixer. And the capacity of pressed wood pallet production line is 300 pieces of presswood pallets per day. Indian clients also expressed their intention to cooperate again. What's more, they are still very interested in the presswood pallet of 2015*1140 mm, which is for solar panel supporting. Thus, it needs one set of big presswood pallet machine. They also want to buy pallet block machine, and they plan to produce the pressed pallet blocks of 75*75 mm. We are both looking forward to the later cooperation.

India pressed wood pallet machine

The shipment is scheduled for mid-January. And our technical team will go to the clients' site to guide and install in March.

PalletMach is the leading manufacturer of pressed wood pallet machines in China. And our clients are from Italy, Mexico, Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, France, Finland, Poland, Romania, Tunisia, South Africa, India, and so on.

If you have any question, please contact us via email [email protected].

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