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Pallet Nailing Machine Shipped to Pakistan

Pallet nailing machine was shipped to Pakistan from China. The following are the details.
Pakistani clients ordered this pallet nailing machine, pallet nailing production line, pallet corner-cutting machine, pallet stacker, chain-conveyer, double pallet notcher, pallet chamfer, pallet legs machine and multiple-blade saw in March, 2020. The whole wooden pallet nailing production line includes multiple-blade saw, pallet legs machine, pallet nailing machine, pallet corner cutting machine, pallet stacking machine, chain-conveyer, and other supporting equipment.
This is the first wood pallet nailing production line in Pakistan from PalletMach. The customers from Pakistan purchased one set of multiple-blade saw, one set of pallet legs machine, one set of pallet nailing machine, one set of pallet corner cutting machine, one set of pallet stacking machine, one set of chain-conveyer, and other supporting equipment.
pallet nailing machine
Advantages of Pallet Nailing Machine
  1. Production pattern for the artificial feeding, automatic nail automatic palletizing, touch screen operation, pneumatic pressure, program control automatic nail, security and stability, high efficiency, cover an area of an area small, one operation.
  2. Pallet nailing machine adopts imported from industrial PLC (programmable processor) + industrial control computer, with professional development of production management software, highly efficient and stable operation.
  3. Pallet nailing machine adopts servo motor, original numerical control system and precision servo reducer: the machine runs with high precision and small error, and can work continuously for ten thousand meters without error, which ensures the high consistency of working dimension.
  4. Automatic pallet stacker is also available, and the one-stop solution of pallet nailing, stacking and production. Automatic pallet stacker is equipped with an automatic lifting device for the pallet. The automatic display function is provided on the display interface of auto pallet nailing machine. The conventional storage can store 2 stacks of pallets and 16 pallets per stack.
PalletMach is the leading manufacturer of pallet nailing machine in China. And our clients are from Italy, France, Finland, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Pakistan, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, Pakistan, and so on.
If you have any questions, please contact us via email [email protected].

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