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Technology leads innovation the mass production of Pallet Machinery Coconut Shredded pallet is succe

On June 8, 2022, under the continuous exploration and experiment of the technical team of PalletMach, the original molding pallet production line and production process were continuously improved, and the mass production of coconut shredded pallet was finally realized. Good-looking appearance, large load capacity, no fumigation, not only waterproof and moisture-proof, but also sun-proof, long service life and can be used in various harsh environments.

Coconut fruit is a very common fruit, and various coconut processing plants produce a large amount of shredded coconut. Due to the low price of shredded coconut, a large amount of shredded coconut is often discarded directly or burned as fuel, which not only wastes resources, but also pollutes the environment to a certain extent. Coconut processors of all kinds are looking for a way to efficiently utilize shredded coconut.
PalletMach is a professional renewable resource recycling solution provider, focusing on the recycling of various waste resources, mainly using these waste materials to produce pallets. Our equipment can use waste sawdust, straw, branches and leaves to produce molded pallets. The pallets have very good mechanical quality, high processing efficiency and guaranteed product quality.

In the past few years we have received many inquiries from customers about producing pallets from waste shredded coconut. In order to help customers turn waste into treasure, we have carried out many experiments. Because coconut shreds are rich in fiber and soft in texture, there are strict requirements on the proportion of glue and the pressure and time of holding pressure during production. The pallet produced in this experiment did not meet our high pass rate requirements. In line with the attitude of excellence, we continue to improve the production process and finally the experiment was successful.
PalletMach Machinery has been committed to the recycling of various waste resources. If you want to know more about our machinery or have recycled raw materials, please contact us.

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