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PalletMach Successfully Conducts Test of Wind Turbine Blade Molding Compressed Pallet Technology

PalletMach Machinery Factory has successfully carried out a test using discarded wind turbine blades for compressed pallet. Provided by customers, these blades, primarily composed of fiberglass, are part of an ambitious project to address the growing issue of wind turbine waste.

Wind energy, hailed globally for its cleanliness, faces the challenge of dealing with expired turbines, particularly the blades made of fiberglass. These materials cannot be incinerated nor decomposed naturally, posing significant environmental concerns.
PalletMach, a company dedicated to the recycling and reuse of waste resources, has been at the forefront of finding solutions for handling various types of waste, including the increasingly problematic accumulation of used wind turbine blades.

After more than a year of rigorous testing and collaboration with the research team from the Chinese Forestry University, PalletMach has overcome numerous challenges, culminating in the development of a process for manufacturing molded pallets from these blades. This process effectively addresses the poor plasticity issue of fiberglass, producing pallets that significantly exceed standards in hardness, strength, and load-bearing capacity.
During a recent factory visit, customers provided PalletMach with crushed materials from old wind blades. The factory conducted tests on these materials according to the customer's specifications, adding a certain amount of wood dust and adhesive to the fiberglass before molding it into shape using the company's pallet molding machinery. The quality of the resulting molded pallets was exceptionally high.

This visit and test were crucial for the customer to verify the feasibility of transforming wind turbine blades into practical pallets.
 PalletMach's innovative approach not only provides a solution to the disposal problem of wind turbine blades but also contributes to the circular economy by creating valuable products from waste materials.

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