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PalletMach Secures Order for Dual-Station Plastic pallet machine from EvPlas in the USA

PalletMach Machinery Company has been dedicated to providing high-quality plastic processing equipment to customers worldwide since its inception, and a recent successful transaction once again demonstrates our expertise and excellence in the industry. We are proud to announce that we have successfully secured an order for plastic dual-station pallet machine from the renowned American customer, EvPlas.

Established in 1999, EvPlas is a leading player in the waste plastic processing industry in the United States, with a product range that includes various products derived from the recycling of waste plastics. The success of this transaction is a result of our long-standing collaboration and professional support for EvPlas.

The entire transaction process can be traced back to June 12, 2021 when Cormiry, EvPlas' Procurement Manager, initially reached out to us, expressing their need for plastic pallet machines and chillers. From this point onwards, we entered into active communication with the customer.

Despite fluctuations in the customer's requirements in the initial stages, transitioning from wooden pallets to plastic pallets and finally to dual-station presses, we continued to actively listen and adapt to their needs, working closely with the customer to explore the best solutions. Throughout the communication process, we emphasized close cooperation with the customer, consistently providing information and recommendations to ensure they had a clear understanding of their needs and that they received the most suitable equipment and service.

In this transaction, we also offered many incentives and benefits to the customer, including a free transformer and discounts. These additional measures demonstrated our concern and sincerity toward the customer and created favorable conditions for successfully closing the deal.

Furthermore, we provided samples to the customer to ensure their satisfaction with our equipment. We actively responded to the customer's needs and made every effort to provide support, ensuring their purchasing decision was well-informed.

Ultimately, after extended communication and collaboration, we successfully closed the deal, receiving payment from the customer on July 15, 2023. The success of this transaction is not only a victory for our professional team but also a testament to our commitment to building customer relationships and delivering outstanding service.

This successful transaction reaffirms PalletMach Machinery Company's professionalism and dedication. We will continue to strive to provide customers with the best equipment and services, and we look forward to more opportunities for future collaboration, creating more success stories together.

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