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PalletMach Compressed Pallet Machine: Leading the Change in Plastic Recycling

Plastic pollution has become a significant global environmental concern. The key to addressing this issue lies in enhancing the recycling rate of waste plastics and transforming them into valuable plastic products.
In traditional waste plastic recycling techniques, common methods include landfilling, incineration, thermal decomposition, and chemical breakdown. However, these methods either occupy a large amount of land resources or produce harmful substances and require extensive use of chemical reagents. To overcome these challenges, PalletMach has adopted a novel waste plastic physical recycling method. This technique involves sorting waste plastics, mixing them in certain proportions, and then pressing them into recycled plastic products using our compressed plastic pallet machine.

As a pioneer in the waste plastic recycling equipment industry, PalletMach has achieved remarkable success in waste plastic pressing technology. The equipment developed by PalletMach meets requirements for product hardness, load-bearing capacity, water resistance, and mold resistance while maintaining low production costs and high environmental efficiency. This plastic molding technology is mature and stable and has received unanimous praise from numerous customers.
PalletMach's PM-1250 compression molding machine, boasting 9 patented technologies, is a nationally patented product. The machine requires low-grade raw materials and has a high production output, making it widely applicable in recycling fields like waste agricultural film, wind turbine blades, and common waste plastics.
The PM-1250 model features an innovative design concept, equipped with a main cylinder, auxiliary cylinder, and a three-beam four-column structure. It also includes a non-contact inductive switch and a safety light curtain, ensuring long-term stability, energy efficiency, intelligent operation, and high efficiency.
The technical advantages of this equipment in waste plastic recycling are significant, including stable structure, reliability, product assurance, and economic investment. Its compact footprint, strong system integration, low infrastructure costs, and short construction periods enable rapid return on investment. Additionally, motors, pumps, valves, electrical components, and sealing elements are all sourced from reputable manufacturers and reliable brands, further ensuring the reliability and stability of the equipment.
PalletMach has successfully implemented several notable projects. For instance, the paper mill material recycling project for preparing logistics pallets is China's first of its kind, wholly created by PalletMach. This project features intelligent light curtains, non-contact switches, and a fully automated system, achieving an unmanned workshop mode, which brings significant energy-saving and environmental benefits.
In the Xinjiang region, PalletMach's project for recycling old agricultural film into logistics pallets utilizes a waterless residual film recycling system, serving as a demonstration project. The complete production line integrates functions like crushing, dry cleaning, and screening, processing the agricultural film without water, and manufacturing products like logistics pallets, garbage bins, and manhole covers that meet national standards.
In Iran, PalletMach also successfully implemented a waste plastic granule preparation project for logistics pallets. The client, a large-scale waste plastic recycling enterprise, significantly improved production capacity with PalletMach's compression molding equipment. The site is well-organized, clean, and tidy, achieving unmanned, green, and intelligent production.
As a company with years of industry experience in providing comprehensive solutions for molded pallet equipment, PalletMach offers clients everything from individual machines to complete system services. They provide professional technology across the entire process chain of plant fiber recycling and waste plastic recycling. Whether in industries like crushing equipment, drying equipment, glue mixing equipment, or in the field of pallet equipment, PalletMach delivers satisfying solutions, vigorously driving the environmentally friendly recycling and sustainable development of waste plastics.

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