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Compression Molded Pallet Production Line Sent from Qingdao Port to Saudi Arabia

From October 21 to October 23, 2021, after three days of continuous work, ThoYu factory completed the shipment of the entire compressed wood pallet production line.And send the machine from Qingdao Port to Dammam Port in Saudi Arabia.
The owner of a palm oil factory who bought our presswood pallet production line this time. The client planted a large area of palm trees and produced many palm branches and palm leaves when trimming the palm trees. At the same time, a lot of palm fruit residues are produced when palm fruit is picked and pressed. These waste woods were directly discarded and caused a lot of waste. Customers have always wanted to find a good way to recycle these woods and increase their income.Through searching on the Internet, customers are very interested in our plan for recycling waste wood to make pallets. The customer hopes that the molded pallets produced can be used not only for the transportation of goods in their own factories, but also for sale in the local market. After having a certain understanding of our products, the customer got in touch with our company.

In the communication with our company's technical staff, customers are very interested in our sawdust pallet press production line. This production line can use a variety of wood fiber-containing materials to produce presswood pallets. Customers have very strict requirements on the quality of products. Not only must each equipment meet the requirements, but also the appearance of the produced pallets are also very strict. Our company is a professional supplier of pallet production solutions and has rich experience in pallet production. Different raw materials have different processing techniques to produce wooden pallets. In order to meet customer requirements, we ask customers to send some raw materials. After testing these raw materials, high-quality pallets can be produced. So customers consider buying our moulded pallet production line.

This kind of sawdust pallet production line is a pallet processing equipment independently developed by us. After years of processing experience and continuous improvement of the production line, the current production technology has been very mature. The production line can recycle all kinds of waste wood to produce pallets. Because the raw materials are easy to obtain and the cost is relatively low, only one or two people are required to complete the entire production line during the processing, so the production cost of the pallets is very low. Compared with wood pallets and plastic pallets, the market price is lower, so the final product is very competitive. The pallets produced can be used in food, medicine, construction, freight and other industries.
The customer’s country has high labor costs and wants a fully automatic compressed wood pallet production line that can automatically complete the entire production process. At the same time, the production line can not only use palm branches and palm leaves as raw materials, but also use some waste wood to produce pallets. The output of the wood molded pallet production line needs to be able to reach 480 pallets per day, and most of these pallets are sold. Our company’s technicians design the production line according to the customer’s needs, and send the plan and renderings of the sawdust pallet production line to the customer.

The sawdust pallet production line mainly includes wood chippers, wood crushing machine,drum drying machine, glue mixing machines, sawdust moulded pallet machines, and automatic feeding and palletizing systems.The wood chipper is a drum wood chipper, which can cut logs, small diameter wood, etc. into wood chips of equal length, flat cuts and uniform thickness.When the machine is running, the cutting cutter head rotates at a high speed, and a flying knife is installed on the cutter head. When the flying knife rotates, the wood can be processed into wood chips.The wood crusher machine is a high-efficiency wood crusher machine, which can crush wood chips into sawdust. Small particles of sawdust are more easily mixed with glue and pressed into a pallet.The glue mixing machine is a barrel type glue mixing machine. The glue and sawdust are put into the barrel of the glue mixing machine in proportion. The mixing stick in the machine can mix the raw materials evenly. There is a weighing device in the glue mixing machine, which can control the quality of one-time output according to the size of the compressed sawdust pallet produced.The pallet molding machine is two double-station machine, and the automatic feeding system can directly send the mixed glue and weighed raw materials to the double-station sawdust molding machine.There are two sets of molds in the double-station pallet press machine. During the time when the pallet is under pressure, the other mold can be used to load materials, which improves work efficiency. The automatic palletizing system can take out the sawdust pallets from the mold and stack them. The entire production line has a high degree of automation, saving labor costs.

In order to ensure the quality, we have made strict requirements on all parts of the machine. The circuit and automatic control part use Siemens, Schneider and other international brand components, the motor uses Siemens motors, and the motor of the molded wood pallet machine uses servo motors. When the equipment is welded, there is no welding slag, the surface of the pores and welds is polished and clean, and the equipment is uniformly sprayed with color paint.

According to customer requirements, we complete the production and assembly of the machine within the delivery period, and can produce high-quality pallets through testing.And under the witness of SGS, we have done rigorous inspections for customers, and the specifications, dynamic load and static load of the pallet can meet the customer's requirements.After negotiating with the customer for delivery, we packed the machine, and the whole production line has a total of 9 containers. In order to facilitate the installation of customers, we have numbered each part of the machine and provided installation instructions.
ThoYu is a company that provides pallet production solutions. Our pallet molding production line has always been praised by customers. All kinds of pallet equipment have good sales at home and abroad, and machine-produced pallets also occupy a large market in the world. If you are interested in our pallet machinery, welcome to contact us.

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