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What is main equipment for presswood pallet machine line?

Presswood pallet machine is also called presswood pallet making machine, presswood pallet molding machine, and presswood pallet machinery. And presswood pallet machine is the new type of one-time forming machine which designed to produce presswood pallet.

Presswood pallet machine is more economical than the traditional one, because the raw material of presswood pallet machine is very easy to get, which can save product costs to a large extent. Raw materials suitable for this machine can be waste wood, scrap of the wood, bamboo, straw, waste kraft paper, sawdust wood chips, wood shaving, wood chips, big chips, raw wood, burned forest, and waste pallets, and so on. Therefore, presswood pallet machine is the ideal equipment for wood recycling.

Presswood pallet machine line is composed of wood chipping machine, wood crushing machine, rotary drum dryer, glue mixer, presswood pallet machine, cyclone dust collector, screw conveyer,and other accessories.

  • 1. Wood chipping machine: to gather the raw materials containing wood fiber and to eliminate the impurities, then to chip raw materials into chips.
  • 2. Wood crushing machine: to crush wood chips into the desired materials.
  • 3. Rotary drum dryer: to dry the crushed materials into appropriate moisture content.
  • 4. Glue mixer: to mix the dried materials with glue.
  • 5. Presswood pallet machine: to press the mixed materials into presswood pallet.
  • 6. Cyclone dust collector: to collect the waste dust.
  • 7. Screw conveyer: to convey the material.

Presswood pallet machine line is the low cost and large capacity production line. If you want to know more about presswood pallet machine line, please contact us.

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