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What are specifications of international standard molded wooden pallet?

Molded wooden pallet machine is designed to produce molded wooden pallet, which is the superior product of Shanghai Pallet Machine. And Shanghai Pallet Machine is one of the well-known molded wooden pallet machine suppliers in China. What are specifications of international standard molded wooden pallet? It maybe is the common question for the clients who want to buy molded wooden pallet machine, so that they can know the main market of molded wooden pallet.

molded wooden pallet

mini molded wooden pallet

The following is the general specifications of international standard molded wooden pallet:

400mm×600mm, 600mm×800mm, 800mm×1000mm, 800mm×1200mm, 1000mm×1200mm, 1100mm×1100mm.
Molded wooden pallet weight varies from 10kg to 22kg.
The ratio of bearing capacity to deadweight (loading capacity): 6~8t (dynamic load) and 2~3t (static load).

The final product of molded wooden pallet machine is molded wooden pallet, and the features of molded wooden pallet are following:

  • 1. High durability. Reinforcing rib design, durability is higher than the traditional pallet.
  • 2. Customized service. Customized according to the requirements of the clients, such as different specifications size and logo.
  • 3. Easy to maintain. One time molded, and no connection.
  • 4. Safety. Free fumigation, waterproof, insect prevention and antirust.
  • 5. Wide applications. Widely used in storage, logistics transport of beverage, medicine, cargo.
  • 6. Global trends. Inspection-free, international logistics standard, and easy to export.
  • 7. Cheap raw materials. Wide range of raw materials and waste pallet is recyclable and recycled to longer service life.

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