Ideal press pallet machine, we make it possible.

As a Top-brand press machine manufacturer in China with 19 years’ experience, Palletmach brings in unique stable structure to press pallet technology industry, which leads to the revolution of fully new automatic pallet production line.

The presswood pallet can be used for packing also for stock storage in the Harsh environment, strong loading capacity, no nails, no steaming, ISPM 15, environmental protection, can be recycled.

What materials can make presswood pallet?

Log, waste wood, wood scrap, bamboo, straw, sawdust, waste kraft paper and other materials containing wood fiber.

Our advantages

  • Three-beam and four-column Structure with patent protect
  • Strength steel mould with high temperature and pressure resistance.
  • Equipment parameters and operating specifications are in compliance with OSHA standards.
  • The finally Presswood pallet weight varied from 10~22 kg, Loading capacity: 2~3t (dynamic load) and 6~8t (static load).

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How to make presswood pallets?

If you want to invest in a high-yield wood waste recycling project or pallet project, PalletMach gives you a One-stop solution, or if you are interested in our presswood pallet machine, and have a plan to establish a presswood pallet production line, You can learn some knowledge from the following process of presswood pallet production.

Presswood pallet production line

Equipments: wood chipper, wood crusher, dryer, glue mixer, wood pallet machine and other auxiliary equipments.


1. Anything containing wooden fiber could be used as the raw materials, so the wide sources of raw materials save the manufacturing costs of the product to a great extent.

2. The adhesive mentioned above is urea formaldehyde glue or others.

3. In practical use, the measurement of pallet performance depends on the static loading and dynamic loading.

Model and parameters

PalletMach Wood Pallet Machine
Model PM-1000(Single Mould) PM-1000D(Double Moulds)
Pressure 0-1200 tons (adjustable) 0-1200 tons (adjustable)
Hydraulic oil cylinder quantity 4 pieces 4 pieces
Pallet density 850-950 kg/m3 850-950 kg/m3
Shaping cycle 450 seconds 360 seconds
Pressure increasing time 300 seconds 300 seconds
Capacity 180 pieces/24 hours 240 pieces/24 hours
Power 18.5 kW 22 kW
Weight 22 tons 32 tons

Why they choose us?

As a technological enterprise, providing complete production line equipment is small part of our service. Layout design, cable connection, installation service and operation training are also included.

As a responsible enterprise, we can do one feasible report includes market research, pallet cost and pallet profit. As long term partners, we never do one-off deal. In fact we have started doing pallet/pallet blocks marketing support and lifelong service.

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